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The April 2014 Issue of “Carolina Arts” is Now Ready to Download

April 1, 2014


The April 2014 issue of Carolina Arts is up on our website at ( – all 83 pages of it.

That’s ten more pages than the March issue and May will probably be even bigger. The big ice storm we had put us a little behind. That’s what happens when you lose power and even worse – internet service. But we made it – even if it did take all the way up to the last minute.

I’m declaring that Winter is over and all of April should be 75 degrees – no warmer and no cooler. That the perfect temp for reading our paper.

The link is: (

So download that PDF and dig in – it makes for good reading and shows that you have lots of opportunities to enjoy the visual arts in the Carolinas this month. And, don’t forget to find a way to thank our advertisers – they make the paper possible.
And help us spread the paper around by sending these links to your friends.

If you want to get something in the May issue – send it now or as soon as you can. Don’t wait till the Apr. 24 deadline – or you could be left out.

Thanks – Tom and Linda Starland
Carolina Arts