The March 2014 Issue of “Carolina Arts” is Now Ready to Download


The March 2014 issue of Carolina Arts is up on our website at ( – all 73 pages of it.

I’m sure Winter is running out of gas for us in the South, while many of my friends back up North still have a month and some to suffer. And they are suffering. One friend in Michigan has had almost 200 inches of snow fall in their yard. Well, it fell all over the county they live in, but it also fell in their driveway, on their house, and in their yard. It’s the price you pay to have 70 degree weather in August.

The link is: (

So download that PDF and dig in – it makes for good reading and shows that you have lots of opportunities to enjoy the visual arts in the Carolinas this month. And, don’t forget to find a way to thank our advertisers – they make the paper possible.
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Thanks – Tom and Linda Starland
Carolina Arts

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